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View your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and get expert services from Firestone mg摆脱游戏网站-mg摆脱游戏官网-apple app store-mg摆脱游戏排行榜.


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Our experts could help you save thousands with preventative maintenance.

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Manufacturer Recommendations

See exactly what your manufacturer recommends. Actual Factory Scheduled Maintenance recommendations may differ based on several factors including driving habits and conditions.

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Premium Maintenance Data

Our maintenance recommendations come from Mitchell1 — a trusted, independent source for car maintenance information.

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What Is Scheduled Maintenance?

Your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule helps keep your vehicle running newer, longer. Sticking to a routine maintenance schedule is one of the best ways to keep your car running smoother for longer while helping avoid costly repairs.

Routine maintenance schedule services involve simple tune-ups like filter and fluid replacements, tire rotations, and general parts inspections that come at various mileage intervals. Find your specific vehicle maintenance schedule with our online database above or by using the MyFirestone app.

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Is Scheduled Maintenance Necessary?

Sticking to your vehicle's maintenance schedule matters. Staying on top of a routine maintenance schedule helps you replace important components before they wear out, such as transmission fluid and accessory belts, so that your car’s more permanent parts can operate more efficiently.

Routine maintenance services are often done on a 30-60-90 interval, meaning you should perform essential preventative maintenance about every 30,000 miles. Every vehicle is unique, and various parts can wear out at irregular intervals depending on your driving habits. Other services, such as oil changes and tire rotations, should be performed much sooner and more frequently.

Get familiar with your vehicle's maintenance schedule to help you keep track of how often to service all of your vehicle's differentcomponents.

Sticking to Your Car’s Maintenance Schedule Helps Avoid Repairs

Take care of your car, and it’ll take care of you. Routine manufacturer-recommended maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle in its best possible condition. Regular preventative maintenance can help extend your vehicle's lifespan and save you from costly repairs and potential roadside breakdowns by keeping parts and systems running smoothly. Learn your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, and visit your local Firestone mg摆脱游戏网站-mg摆脱游戏官网-apple app store-mg摆脱游戏排行榜 today for your routine maintenance service needs.


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Manage Maintenance With My Firestone App

Now, you can take our crew with you! The all-new app from Firestone mg摆脱游戏网站-mg摆脱游戏官网-apple app store-mg摆脱游戏排行榜 helps you stay on top of vehicle maintenance, track service appointments, request roadside assistance and even get special offers and deals. Download the free app today.

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